EndlessHouse // spring_summer 2016

EndlessHouse // spring_summer 2016

photography: christian benesch
hair + make up: sunanda mesquita
models: stanislav jakuschevskij / jonathan / esra m
shoes: rosa mosa vienna coop. house of the very island´s


Since a long time House of the very island’s club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now? has been interested in architecture and the numerous, inventive ways houses can be built.

The styles of this spring/summer collection are inspired by mid 20th century architect Frederick Kiesler, who propagated a synthesis of architecture, art and functional design to enhance the interaction between body and architectural environment.

Resembling a Moebius Strip, the double-curved shell of his “endless” house substitutes traditional divisions into floor, wall and ceiling with an open, light flooded interior, continuous surfaces and smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor areas.

The overlapping, duplicated shapes of Kieslers architectural models are mirrored in folded and layered jackets and pants made from high-end Italian and French fabrics.

Classic menswear items like trench coat and buttoned shirt go oversize, transgressing their conventional shape to create new, fluctuating volumes.

They mark the collections integration of classic menswear with a casual, street-style approach underlined by loose fit jerseys and relaxed pants. The minimalistic pattern of a denim jacket gives this leisure time essential a turn towards the arty.

The color choice is focused on a range of blues, set against bright, white-and-black jacquard and an intensely colored, handmade print.

Indigo dyed jersey, denim style seersucker and indigo colored suiting fabric translate the denim topic back into a sophisticated context, adding the sensual experience of distinct surfaces.

The collection is completed by a set of sandals, made exclusively for House of the very island’s by Viennese shoemakers rosa mosa. They are completely hand made in Austria, including the flexible wooden soles.