LOOKBOOK _ IMAGES _REE 17 _ spring / summer 2015

spring/ summer 2015
The term Rare Earth Elements, short REE, designates a set of seventeen elements in the periodical table.
These elements are scarcely found in concentrated mineral form and they are essentially needed for modern technologies such as computers, TV-screens and mobile phones.
Mining and refining them is often poorly managed and causes extensive environmental damage. REEs are symptomatic of how strongly human civilization depends on natural resources and how recklessly it deals with them.
Visual inspiration for the collection has been the work of Irish artist David Thomas Smith that reflects upon the inherent structures of global capitalism. His intensely aesthetic large scale works are based on aerial views of industrial landscapes taken from satellite images.
This seasons colors range from the blue-greens of the oceans depths, where large deposits of rare earth minerals are hidden, to the red and yellow tones of earth.
These sensual colors are contrasted by clean black and white, the 0 and 1 of fashion.
A large-scale print combines geometric square lines with the irregularities of hand printing and the use of a plant- and mineral-based dye.
Soft organic cottons and casual linens are combined with classic summer suit blends and sporty cotton twill. Loose cut silhouettes, oversized coats and elongated shirts are accentuated by graphically positioned lines and explicit pockets. Classic suit and denim styles are emphasized by unconventional partition seams.
According to the label’s philosophy of combining casual avant-garde design with ecological and social sustainability, we have chosen high quality natural fabrics, organic and/or locally sourced; all items are produced in the EU.

photography: alexander chitsazan
styling: natascha hochenegg
hair + make up: sunanda mesquita
models lookbook: sandi (ph agency) + ben h. (stellamodels)
models image:models:david l. (motheragency)& hans scheirl